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Powertronics Corporation is a having global exposure as Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributor and dealers of ups system, uninterruptible power supplier, ups power suppliers in india, Numeric ups suppliers in india, Numeric ups dealers, Numeric ups dealers in india. As headquarter is in economic capital of india, located in india and branches at PAN india. Powertronics Corporation had started its operation in the field Since year successfully offering turnkey project services in the field of Electrical, Automation, Instrumentation, Energy Saving and Control with qualified & experience working team with solid technical background.

Powertronics Corporation is ups suppliers, ups dealers chain of ups manufacturers, ups dealers in india of global distributors such as numeric ups, digital numeric ups, single phase ups, digital ups, numeric modular ups, three phase ups, numeric online ups, numeric digital ups, numeric offline ups etc. Powertronics Corporation provides battery backup system with customized solutions and ups preventive maintenance services, ups amc nationwide with a strong presence in the india interior parts and in india.

Today’s Technology has been changed and advanced so taking this into consideration Powertronics Corporation plays a vital role in industries which are connected into a global suppliers chain and borderless markets. Being a reason Powertronics Corporation is best Numeric ups dealers in india and available PAN india presence with chain of technician and experts. This is just like now homes have become entertainment and social hubs. All of which demand seamless quality power ranging from 6kVA to 21 MV. Top-off-the-line, they come with several innovative features like front-end access, remote operation capabilities and modularity which make them thoughtful and ideal for a variety of uses and industries. And for it Powertronics Corporation is suppliers of Numeric ups in india as well online ups dealers for the quality power use taking consideration of ROI. Powertronics Corporation have expertise in providing solution for Numeric ups distributors in india with the products are available across Line Interactive, Single Phase and Three Phase for industrial, commercial and residential needs and customizable at every scale.

Numeric digital ups | Numeric digital ups Distributors in india

Powertronics Corporation always think about environment and power saving so for the factor we are providing reliable product with conversion of online ups suppliers and for reliable power continuity for small application for Home ups in india i.e. PC, Server and network solution in single phase.

Our expert team after studying site and requirement of customer suggest and design solution for industrial ups in india for industrial use. In a diverse numeric ups in india capable of suppliering ups from 10 to 800KVA as a single unit without Isolation Transformer.

Powertronics Corporation is taking challenge and providing solution in Modular ups in india with advance technology with customizable solution. Overall we are providing service and product solution for numeric ups in india with all vertical in single and three phase which comprises of Home ups in india, online ups in india, and in modular ups in india.

The key factors for our success are as follows:

  • Finest Quality Products
  • Timely Delivery Of Consignments
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Customization Of Products As Per Clients’ Needs